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The Butterfly Body Harness by Astro Pin-Up is a made to measure custom accessory composed of two parts: 7 butterflies with divine crystal detailing run vertically creating the spine of the piece and chain which wraps horizontally around your figure, attaching at the neck and waist resulting in a one-of-a-kind body jewelry accessory. Please allow 3-7 weeks for completion and delivery.

IMPORTANT! MEASUREMENTS: Please utilize the “Additional Information” section at the bottom of the check out page to indicate: YOUR MEASUREMENTS including your bust or chest, your waist, and your hip measurement in inches. Customers who are located in NYC are welcome to come to the Astro Pin-Up studio for a final fitting/size check upon completion of your piece. Please enter PROMO code: NYCPICKUP for free shipping if you plan on picking up the harness.

DESIGN CONCEPT: The Butterfly Body Harness by Astro Pin-Up is based on the energy points or wheels which run throughout one’s body called chakras. Each chakra is associated with one of the seven colors of the rainbow and various traits, beginning at the base of your spine with the root chakra = red, moving up your body to the sacral chakra = orange, solar plexus = yellow, heart = green, throat = blue, third eye = indigo, to the crown chakra = violet. The harness represents that you are illuminated and protected by colorful good vibes that stem first and foremost from the beauty within.

CARE/STORAGE: Astro Pin-Up is dedicated to developing the most durable and creative custom accessories possible. Each piece is hand-crafted and assembled with care. Please handle, wear and store with delicacy. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email msjennypierce@gmail.com.


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