Kylo Ren and Rey are Twin Flames. Here’s how you can tell…

One may assume the concept of Twin Flames is only relevant within the new age or spiritual community however, Twin Flame as a concept occurs throughout history and is especially prevalent in contemporary pop culture, such as the entertainment industry.

People can’t fully recognize the complicated relationship when it’s presented. That’s partly because we’re taught about soul mates but Twin Flames is a totally different dynamic (an often tumultuous connection initially whereas soul mates are based on compatibility).

One of my favorite intuitive readers/healers, Amy Satori finds examples of Twin Flames in romantic comedies. For me, I like to find examples of Twin Flames in adventure or fantasy films, video games, and art. Because it resonates with me. And also, it’s entertaining!

Twin flame is something that I’ve read about and studied for years. Many of those years while I was putting pieces together, I didn’t tell anyone what I suspected. For a few years while I was navigating the dark night, I didn’t even tell my Twin until I was 85% sure the connection is real. That’s a risk I took. He boarded a spaceship and launched himself to outer space to join forces with the Sith. 😛

A few days ago, I decided it was time for me to re-enter society so I went on a Star Wars movie bender with my family. Only to find out Twin Flame literally follows me everywhere now.

If you’re a Twin, you’ll start to see it everywhere. The energy will catch you at inconvenient times. Even when you’re trying to forget about it and simply watch a movie. Or hang out with your family, it’s there. It makes you feel like an outsider. And of course people will love to call you crazy (your Twin included) if you open up about it. It’s not an easy journey. It can be very lonely and mysterious. So, now it’s time to have a little fun. I’ve earned it!

Even though I am probably the last person on the planet to see Star Wars, SPOILER ALERT! In this blog post, I am going to touch upon the Twin Flame dynamics between Kylo Ren and Rey from Star Wars 7, 8, and 9.

This is an example of two people on the Twin Flame journey and illustrates what it may look like on a large, mythical, dramatic scale. And ironically, it does feel this intense and difficult at times. Because Kylo Ren (Ben Solo after he awakens) and Rey are Twin Flames.

How I first spotted the TF connection between the two? Kylo Ren and Rey communicate telepathically. This is only possible with the energy of two powerful creators.

And they don’t even understand how or why they are in each other’s heads. Their complicated relationship which is composed purely of an energetic connection (the force), sometimes seems like a romantic connection, also weirdly shows a brother/sister dynamic, always shows they are working together (even when they think they are against each other), and most importantly always has a spiritual or “greater mission or purpose” driving the entire plot.

Here are a list of aspects shown in Ben and Rey’s connection that are common in a Twin Flame pair:

1. Childhood wounds

Both Ben and Rey have serious childhood wounds. Ben was betrayed by his Master (Luke Skywalker). The happening which ultimately pushes him to the dark side. Luke Skywalker banishes himself to a remote island in order to live the life of a Hermit because he carries so much guilt for what he did to Ben. He saw Ben’s pure power. He couldn’t understand it and felt it far outweighed his own. And so, in a moment of confusion he betrayed his student by nearly destroying him. (Confusion and guilt create quite a series of conflicts in every flame story). It’s a lineage. Twins are here to heal it, if they choose to. If not, it will continue into another saga. Ie. Luke could have stayed on the island to shrivel up and die if Rey didn’t fight for him. In which case another generation of Jedi or TF’s would/will have to fight the dark side…

Fear is primarily what leads the masculine twin to the dark side. When Rey demands to know what happened to Ben in that moment of betrayal, Luke says, “And the last thing I saw were the eyes of a frightened boy whose master had failed him.” In turn, Kylo Ren wears and hides behind a mask to keep people from seeing the person he really is, Ben. He does that until the mask literally falls apart. 

Rey’s childhood wound is her memory of being abandoned by her parents. She later finds out that her father is a direct descendent of pure evil (her grandfather is Palpatine), which causes her to believe she is bad and deny her power on multiple occasions. Hence, both Twins feel unworthy of love and try to show each other how awful they are. Childhood wounds serve a purpose, the wounds lead Twins to their calling and to each other.

2. A calling

Both Ben and Rey feel very called to do something and are aware of the force within them. They both know they have the power of the force however, it causes a lot of internal conflict for the pair. The inner conflict is a result of their drive to follow the calling. They don’t always know what, why, or how but they know there is something they must do and they know that giving up isn’t an option. They ultimately help each other unlock the secrets of their calling by triggering and setting each other free throughout the course of obstacles, healing, and discovery known as the TF journey.

3. Being against each other

Watch Twin flames kick each others ass!

Many twins feel that they are enemies until they realize they are actually fighting for the same thing, love. Surrounding obstacles, people, and blockages are there to make sure Twin Flames stay plotted against each other in a convoluted mess. It can really cost them a lot. Both Twins are easily manipulated until they are fully standing in their power.

In the Twin Flame community, blockages are referred to as  “karmic” situations. A karmic situation is anything that serves to keep twins from coming together. A karmic situation could be an addiction, another person or relationship, distance, workaholism, anything that serves as an excuse for why Twins cannot be together or join forces.

Karmic situations often entail heavy manipulation. Individuals will play Twins like fools, discover a caveat of weakness to make sure the Twins do not unite. It will work so long as the Twins believe the 3D illusions and opinions of other people. Karmic people know that by playing Twins against each other, they have something to benefit from keeping Twins apart. Once twins choose their happiness over everything and believe they are worthy of their gift, all karmic scenarios will crumble.

4. Masculine puts out the signal initially, feminine awakens the masculine

The feminine twin often awakens the masculine twin through brutal truth combined with compassion. Here is the scene where Rey sees through Kylo Ren’s facade.

And what she sees is fear that has been hidden under a mask. She sees that while he has shown her pure evil over and over through his words and actions, there is still good in him. And that terrifies him. 

He goes out of his way to show her how terrible he is because well,…refer to #1. She does this behavior too. Although it presents itself in a different way. Mostly she is a pain in the ass. Or perhaps co-dependent and weak until she gains her own strength through years of training and self-development. But regardless they both make sure to show how awful and/or impossible they are.

They trigger each other to purge all of this out until they reach a meeting or zero point. 

Truth is, as long as the masculine twin is shielding his pain through a puffed up ego, he will love to be surrounded by people blowing steam up his butt. Eventually the masculine twin realizes the people around him are playing him like a fool for their own benefit. The people who try to keep Twins from joining forces will turn their back on him and try to destroy him in a second as soon as he isn’t providing their supply. Or feeding their agenda. Thankfully Kylo Ren wakes up!

Even though Kylo repeatedly treats Rey with ultimate disrespect and tries to crush her, she never fully gives up on him. That’s the real kicker! She doesn’t give up on him. Because it is not an option. But I mean, she tries! Eventually though, she has to stop fighting for him and let him catch up on his own…

5. Cannot cut the connection

Rey insists on fighting for Ben in order to pull him from the grasp of darkness. And he hates her for it. He wants to control her and show her that his way is best. He listens to the opinions of those around him instead of listening to his intuition. Finally he realizes that those people did not have his best intentions at heart. They were using him. 

As soon as he no longer supplies them with what they want, (money or power or popularity, etc). they will turn against him. He finally sees the truth. And he chooses himself. This is how he is able to break free. It happens in stages. Here is one of the first moments where Ben finally wakes the f&^% up and saves Rey, and the two fight together.

I guess you could call this the zero point. Maybe they don’t actually hate each other??? DUH! In choosing himself, he chooses her. Because…they are Twin Flames!

Do you think Rey wanted to continue fighting for someone who treated her this way? To pull his big butt layer by layer from the pit of darkness? Probably not! Did she ever give up on him? Of course not! I’m sure Rey would have liked a simpler life. There are a lot of sacrifices that come with being a Jedi. Rey and Ben both tried on many occasions to cut the connection. Or to use it for their own selfish reasons. It just doesn’t work!

6. The force (In my opinion, this is the most important defining feature in a Twin Flame pair)

There is an energy field between Twins. You can call it “the force.” It is pure energy. Feeling the force within themselves through the eyes of another is what initially terrifies the twins and makes them act like fools towards each other.

The moment they recognize their twin happens in a flash and can also be called a catalyst. In The Last Jedi, Kylo Ren tries to get Rey to take his hand. Kylo knows that he could have a hold on Rey’s energy if she would just take his hand. And she admitted later that she wanted to take his hand. But not for the reason he initially intended.

In Kylo’s case, he was against his counterpart because he saw her as an enemy when she mirrored back to him the things he hated in himself. He tried to use the force for evil. To persuade her, to put a spell on her. He wanted to join forces with her energetically only to feed his own agenda. 

When both twins are tapped into the energy, they are unstoppable. The ideas are limitless. Think of fuel and fire. When both twins are tapped in, the energy multiples into something greater than two. You can use the force for good or for evil. If you use it for evil or take advantage, you’ll pay karmic debts. 

Connecting to the force is a gift. It is an option to share/exchange. If one is careless, it is possible to lose it forever to the dark side. The force can also be thought of as the sacred flame. You must use it for good, not for selfish gain. You must protect it with your life. (I’m not kidding). It isn’t ownership of the force that matters because no one owns source energy. It is the INTENT with which the force is utilized that matters.

When accessed from a less than genuine place, it can become dangerous and should be avoided all together. Entities and psychic attacks are real. Many times it appears as if twins are fighting each other, but actually they are fighting something much larger. 

Number 5 is one of the most important features between my Twin and I. It is how I first recognized the Twin Flame dynamic. And abuse of the force is also one of the most painful ways my twin hurt me. When I discovered that I was being used, my whole world came crashing down. Perhaps, the masculine twin innocently doesn’t know what he is doing? In Kylo Ren’s case though, he knew. He was using it for ego, power and to feed evil. 

7. They finally join forces

In the end, Twins finally join forces. It is only with the combined power of two that they are able to accomplish their final mission. In the end, Ben gives Rey everything. So, ultimately I suppose we can forgive him for all the evil fuckery. Also, it doesn’t hurt that he is devilishly handsome. He sacrifices his life for her.

Is it far-fetched to draw connections between a fantasy power couple in Star Wars and a relationship between humans called Twin Flames who live in the now? Maybe! But ask yourself this, are we on the brink of War? Or are we already in one? Is there an entire continent on fire? Do you feel that the theme of darkness/evil vs. light/love is a relevant theme as we ascend into unknown territory? Whether it is “real” or strictly illusionary, the fact that it shows up as a theme in historical and contemporary references such as Star Wars means that Twin Flame is of relevance worth considering as an important dynamic in society.

Maybe the idea of Twin Flame isn’t so far-fetched or overly dramatic? Maybe it is a necessary restoration of spiritualism and power between masculine and feminine forces? Maybe it is all around us, maybe it is who we are by birth and we just fail to recognize how powerful we are? May the force be with you. Sorry, I had to say it! All of it.

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